Covid-19: Processing and Shipping Delays

‘It’s Chaos’: Medical Supply Shipments From China Are Being Delayed Because Of Export Restrictions, Limited Cargo Space (FORBES)


While the act of purchasing a product is somewhat automated, the act of processing, producing, and shipping requires a lot of manual labor. In most cases, orders are fulfilled quickly. However, the current pandemic the world is facing brought on by COVID-19 has placed a strain on manufacturing and logistics around the globe. Delays have run rampant, but they are temporary.
The companies that make the things you buy are having a hard time getting the raw materials they need because the factories that produce them have reduced staff and thus short on labor or they have completely shut down until further notice.

In regard to our products, our suppliers in the U.S and abroad are definitely short-staffed but at the same time, they are facing an influx of new requests which they are struggling to accommodate in their normal time-frame.
In addition to this, COVID-19 has created a geo-political climate that has countries straight-up banning imports and or exports from their common suppliers and customers.

Even China, who manufactures about 80-90% of the world’s medical supplies (Disposable Face Masks), is being rumored to have been discouraging its manufactures from shipping medical grade supplies to the U.S. or other countries it deems “unfriendly”. And their custom officials are manually inspecting every shipment before they release it. China denies this rumor despite having recently issued an order requiring its medical manufactures to obtain a special license in order to export medical supplies to foreign countries. Regardless, the fact is, COVID-19 has caused a shortage of medical-grade and civilian grade face masks around the globe.

You can use google chrome’s translate feature to read China’s order here:

Not to mention, our suppliers in china have continually told us we need to order as many supplies as we can because “soon they will no longer be able to ship supplies to us”. That could very well be a selling tactic, but considering the potential of COVID-19 reemerging and devasting china’s manufacturing capabilities, it makes sense for them to want to stock those supplies for their 2,000,000,000 citizens.

We’re on the side of science, and we believe EVERYONE should be doing what they can to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by adhering to the recommendations of the CDC.
Covid-19 has presented us with unique challenges, but we're determined to continue supporting our customers. We believe that especially now, during this period of uncertainty, it's important to remain a partner that you can rely on.

To that end, we are working on processing and shipping the last 4 batches of orders we have left while we wait on our next and possibly final shipment of face masks from China.

We’re doing our best to get them to you as soon as possible.
For orders that we are unable to fulfil, we will be issuing refunds automaticallywhich will go back on the payment method you used in the the Paypal checkout.